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Comments about Flute Playing & the Art of Doing Less, Volumes One & Two


Rhonda Larson, Solo Artist
“A meticulously specialized micro-to-macro approach to the universe of flute playing.  Not for young readers, but essential books for repeated study by the academically-minded professional.”  

David Chu, Flute Maker and Flute Restorer
“In his two volumes of "Flute Playing & the Art of Doing Less," Tim Lane presents a refreshing, coherent look at many critical and useful concepts essential to good flute playing.”

Mark Sparks, Principal Flute, St. Louis Symphony
“You address in great detail many issues about which students of the flute at the intermediate, advanced, and professional levels have a great and abiding curiosity. These are core, essential issues for which few if any answers can be found, to my knowledge, in the readily available and comprehensible writings and methods. As a learning and teaching tool, I think that these volumes are desperately needed.”

Brooks de Wetter-Smith, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

"They are so well organized, clearly presented and essential information. I wish that all of this had been available years ago, since there is such terrific material included. For young and inexperienced players, all of the material is part of the essential ingredients that should form the basis for developing great habits.  For older students, I find them exceptional, because many players are then aware of issues they have with sound, use of the tongue, etc., and don't understand why they haven't been resolved. These books can serve to fill in those cracks that were either not part of their initial training or developed later out of neglect or misuse. Even after more than 60 years of flute playing, I gained some insight that has been helpful in my own performances. These two volumes should be part of every flutist's active library!  They are terrific!