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An excerpt from Interpretation and Expression; a Musician's Workbook


Approaching, receding and holding motions form the foundation of
movement or change in music. Their application is infinitely varied. At a
fundamental level their variance is indicated or measured by the rate,
degree of, and number of identifiable change elements that form them.
For wind players all motion is initiated and carried by the breath.
These three motions can be located or “found” in a variety of non-music
related settings due to their spatial and emotional associations.

* any falling motion such as a leaf or fruit dropping from a tree
* an approaching ball
* light to heavy rainfall
* an inhalation
* time in the future
* a state of anticipation or beginning
* the occurrence of an un-predicted event
* an increase in the pressure of someone’s touch

* falling asleep
* a kite drifting away in the sky
* settling dust
* a deflating balloon
* an exhalation
* time in the past
* an ending
* the occurrence of a predicted or repeated event
* a person’s touch softens or their hand moves away from you

Holding (Still or Balanced)
* a preacher pauses at the height of a sermon
* a musician breathes in and then waits
* a desert landscape
* a stone lies on the ground
* the act of meditation
* time in the present
* staying somewhere
* a person moving towards or away from you pauses (or changes
* a tree blows in the wind creating an ever-changing and always familiar
* a spectator stands in awe of someone juggling thirteen balls at one
* during a conversation, a person pauses before answering a response
   that they did not expect
* under threat an animal takes caution and stands poised before taking
* the apex of a swinging pendulum or the apex of thrown object at the
   instant that it ends its outward trajectory

Approaching and Receding Pairs (Arches)
* the sound created by an object’s movement to and from us (soft-loud-soft)
* the tide moving to and from a shore line
* physical and emotional movement/change leading to and from an
* a breath cycle
* a person on a swing climbing towards and away from us