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J.S. Bach Partita in G Minor for solo flute BWV 1013 (transposed from A Minor)


Transposing Johann’s Sebastian Bach’s Partita in A Minor (BWV 1013) to the key of G Minor duplicates the pitch-level that was most common at the time that the composition was written (A 392).  The transposition also associates the work with a different set of muscle patterns and key-related timbres for flute players and listeners to explore.  The included ossia sections are similarly intended.  They can be 1. used (as written) as varied repetitions, 2. reconsidered, re--written or re-combined with the original lines in order to create additional performance options, and 3. used as examples for any further “re-writing” that performers might consider.  (Overhead brackets denote altered and/or re-organized note-groups.)first-page-for-web-excerpt.png